Hasbro Retro ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures Coming

During the 2019 New York Toy fair, Hasbro has showcase the Retro Starwars series which is the like the 1977 Kenner version of the figures.

For Starwars fans that was born during that era, you will see the same toy figure in the likes of their original packaging in 3.75" size.

The best part is does not cost an arm or leg on secondary market as it is price each at USD$9.90 each

Even the card has the Kenner logo.

This would more for Mint in card collector but the charm would be even the if you open the figure, you get to play as how it is like as this is a replicate of the actual toys of the 70s.

Look out for this in May 2019.

What do you think of these series? Does it attract the new Starwars who watched the Force awaken and above?


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