2D Anime Paint Gundam in Tetsujin 2019

The Tetsujin 2019 event is currently on and here are two contest entries that did an amazing job for applying the 2D anime Painting style on Gundam Model kit.

First is an entry by Nelson Chew

The color on the black background really give a feel of the 2D and in all angle look like an drawing no doubt.

Another entry is by Aaron Lee which title called "Into a new Dimension".
The theme is a mixed of paper medium giving an illusion that it is floating out of a flat piece of paper.

You can see the paint brush and the paint on the side.

Not only the figure is 3D but part of the explosion on the paper were made into semi 3D.

These are 2 anime paint that was in Tetsujin 2019. You can see some other entries here.

The event is on from 18th to 24th Feb 2019. You still have an weekend to head down to Paya Labar Singpost center there to take a look at the entries and also buy some discounted model kit goodies!!


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