Game of Thrones Mcfarlane 6" Toys Coming

This year would be the final season of HBO Game of Thrones Tv series. Mcfarlane have preview their April release of the 6" toys!

First would be the undead version of Viserion who is serving the Night King now.
It has movable tail, legs, wings, and neck totaling over 10 points of articulation. Viserion’s wings span 16.5″ wide and features up and down movement. It also come with removable burst of blue fire.

Arya Stark
With the likeness of Maisie Williams, she come with 12+ points of articulation. She come with her Needle sword and Valyrian steel dagger as accessories.

Night King 
He has 12+ points of articulation and come with Night King blade and spear as accessories.

Jon Snow
He is in season 7 attire with 12+ points of articulation. The figure comes with legendary Longclaw sword and Dragonglass dagger accessories.

Daenerys Targaryen
She is in her season 7 attire with 12+ points of articulations. The figure comes with four screen-accurate map marker accessories.

No pricing was indicated at this time but will update in time to come.


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