Why Bumblebee the movie work

Just caught the new Bumblebee movie and I have to agree this is the BEST Transformers LIVE action movie ever.

Spoiler Warning from here on. Read at your own risk

Fan Service / Respect to the original Source
After 5 movies of Transformers, they finally put the correct Generation 1 design. Just that first 10 minutes on cybertron, you can see most of the characters of Decepticon and Autobots. The best part was in those scene, they did not put up the character names or even mention their name. Why? Because the G1 design said it all for true fans of Transformers. The joy to see Soundwave, shockwave and Optimus Prime in their G1 design really move me to tears. Finally Hasbro give what the fans wanted.

In all the Transformers movie before this, I always felt the human characters are just a joke. Their characters are shallow and someone that we don't really care about them. Don't believe me? Name any of the human in the Transformers movie that you think you really care for? Pretty sure they are none.

However this installment, the lady character Charlie did allow time to develop and let the audience actually care about her. Maybe because Hasbro want this movie to link to the original Transformers movie, they did not allow her to stay on at the end of the movie but it was also a good move as she is still an ordinary teenager who need to carry on in her life and not be play hero.

That being said, with this movie, it would be really difficult for this movie to tie back to the first movie as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee already are on earth which in the first movie Optimus Prime just arrive to earth with his gang. Oh well.

I guess this story work because it was written by a female writer with her view and emotional connection to Bumblebee.

No Product Placement / Hidden Agenda
What I like about this movie was there isn't any in your face agenda or product placement like the previous Transformers movie. Maybe they need not penetrate China Market or selling any US military display.  I am fine with the lead being a female and also the main villain as a female too.

Good Guy John Cena 
Yes John Cena was someone that I am looking forward to his character in the movie. In the trailer he suppose to be a villain but he was not really one. In many cases, he was clear minded to know it would be foolish to take some action and at the end he did the right thing.

Is this Spin off Transformers Bumblebee movie is like Starwars SOLO? 
Well I think this question don't really apply as this Bumblebee movie actually redeem Transformers in many ways while SOLO was not really a movie that the fans of Starwars was asking for. It was something Disney find it could be good to have but they release that movie after they killed off Han Solo in The Force Awaken.

Will there be more Transformers movie?
I stay till the credit end but there was NO after credit scene. I was not that disappointed tho because I really want them to restart the Transformers movie.

I do hope if they ever will be a Transformers movie, it would be sometime later with better story line and original Transformers design.  think a long break will be good. However knowing Hasbro is still producing toys, it would not be long.


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