Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

Before this show came out, if one think of making a Spiderverse into a real life action movie, it would be a trilogy of sort of it was taken from the comic and there are too many characters and event to follow thru. Therefore it was something I think that it would not happen. nly until the news of this movie came out it got me really excited when I saw the animation trailer for the first time.

To say that I have no expectation to watch this movie would be a lie as the trailer already given us some plots and characters but what pleased me was there are more characters development and dynamic that was not mention.

SPOILER WARNING and SPOILER Start from Here onward.

What make this Movie works

Making into an animation was a wise move as comic fan would have certain expectation of the characters and finding an actor or actress that everyone would be happy about it's difficult task. By doing drawing, it retain the original comic characters' looks. I mean can you imagine in real life action of Spider-Ham? Many would said that look like winnie the Pooh animation which forgo the cartoon feeling but a soft toy look.

Characters backstory and their struggles
In the span of one movie, you want the audience to buy in every of your characters is almost impossible but this movie did it! It give some backstory of each Spider-man but just enough for you know them enough. One example would be they all lost someone their loved like Peter Parker losing Uncle Ben.

For Miles case, it is something that actually happen in full length making one of the touching moments in the movie. There are other touching moments like father and son talk and also family reunion and such. Believe me you have to watch this movie to fully appreciate the story telling.

Not so Peter Parker
I was glad that this movie focus not as Peter Parker that we knew in the previous Sony and Marvel Spider-man. To be honest if they actually stick with that version of Spider-man, this version wouldn't work. Because of the concept of Mulit-verse, it give them creativity to create different Peter Parker and one that is older (out of shape) and beaten in life.

Strong Woman / Women
In light of recent Hollywood trend of Feminist and diversity. This movie have strong woman in both Heroes and Villains and enough to make the movie interesting. The sensitive part would be if a female villain would pick a fight with Spider-man, what would Spider-man do? Should Spider-man hit back? What will female say if the man fight back with the same blow? Interesting thoughts. But this movie, is solution would be female verse female.

The theme of this movie was more like a team work as all the Spider heroes need to work together as a team to get the mission done. No one is above anyone and everybody need to return home to their universe.

The Last Stan Lee?
I am not certain if this is the last Stan Lee camo (maybe Avenger 4 would have another) but this would be the most meaningful Stan Lee camo ever to me. As he was speaking to Miles in a shop. Miles was buying a fan Spider-man costume, it was as if Stan was speaking to the everyone watching the movie. It was one touching moment in the movie as we knew Stan Lee has left us but his Spider-man remain...

"It always fits, eventually," Stan Lee in Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

So should you watch Spider-verse? Yes. Even you are not a Spider-man fan and have no knowledge of Spider-man, this stand alone movie would let you relate to Spider-man.


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