Pokémon Pinball Machine Capsule Toy

Tried my luck on a capsule machine with Takara Tomy A.R.T.S that I chance upon.

There are 5 different Pokémon design Pinball machine in this capsule toy series.

I was very lucky to get the Pikachu version! YEAH!!!

I have to say this toy come in pieces to assemble with much clear instruction. However it was not that difficult to figure out. The only instruction would be where to paste the stickers which have quite a lot in small pieces.

What you are seeing here would be the complete assembly.

See the 3 Pokéballs on the pinball machine? Those are the most difficult one to paste on.

This capsule toy actually was made in Vietnam instead of China. The side view of the pinball machine with big stickers on each side.

The front slot sticker would be the most easy to paste on and you can see the "Insert Coin" slot.

As a mini toy, this is a play-able pinball machine that allow you shoot the pin ball like the real one minus the light and sound of cos.

The side button would operate like the real ones pushing the pinball up. The center 3 Pokéball actually spin if the pinball hit it hard enough as it was put on a bearing.

This pinball machine would be in scale with any 3.75" figure actually. Will show some photos on that later.

How do you find this capsule toy?


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