Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Review

On Christmas Day I caught the latest Dragonball movie in Japanese at a local cinema. I bought my kid who never seen Broly before in Dragonball. At first he was not that interested so I have to tell him he is just accompany me to watch. He said he will be sleeping then. With Hotdog and Popcorn, he got into the show with me.

Warning Spoiler Alert ahead.

Old Broly
Broly was not a character that I buy into in the 1990s of it's original story. I often wonder why would a baby get upset with another baby who cried a lot. Years later when he saw Goku, he remember his name and went all out to attack them. For what reason? Goku kill his father? Goku took away his land? No just when he was a baby, Goku kept crying. Wow! Such a petty Saiyan.

This version I think they want to add more depth and they did a good introduction of the origin of Broly. It was a part of introduction that we get to see Goku's father and mother, young Vegeta, young Raditz, King Vegeta, Young Freiza and of course, the young Broly

They took enough time (in fact just nice pacing) to link how Broly and the rest of the Vegeta and Goku all link up to where they are now.

Frieza After the Dragonball 
It is no surprise in this movie, Frieza wanted to collect the Dragonball on earth while on his way, he met Broly and his father. He noticed the power level of Broly and since Broly father has some hatred to Vegeta to get even, Frieza allow it as he want to watch the fight.

Now you may ask why Frieza want the Dragonball, the reason would be something remotely you cannot even think of. I am not going to spoil it here.

Battle of Saiyan
I would say the fight took about 2/5 lenght of the movie, It was not that long that you will ask yourself when the battle will end as the graphic of the fight is amazing. There isn't any repeat fight scene as some anime would. In fact the fight was something that kept my kid interested. After the movie he said he really enjoy the fight scene.

Happy Ending
Goku being as he is was kind enough to help Broly out as Broly was not truly a evil guy but rather mislead fella. Broly also show some respect to some creatures and good nature and wanted to be a normal guy having friends and being accepted.

Frieza didn't get his selfish wish from the Dragonball but he was alright with that for time being.

This story certainly open up some possibility that Broly would return again. If there is ever a cross universe battle, I am sure Broly would be one of the universe 7 fighter.

So how would I fair on this movie? I think this reboot was good for Broly as he is more developed as a character and certainly win some fans over. There were many funny moments but the disappointment was there was no new form of Super Saiyan. Ultra Instinct did not appear at all. In fact Freiza for the first time witness the fusion form of Saiyan and that pissed him off as cheating of the saiyan.

I still prefer the Battle of the Gods more than this movie. But hey, that is just me.

What do you think of this movie?


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