Aquaman Movie Review

Just a few years back if you hear DC is going to make a stand alone movie, you will get think who will actually care to watch Aquaman? Who would believe that an Aquaman story that has a length close to 2.5 hours would be good? Well it seems good for this Aquaman movie.

* Spoiler Alert ahead *

No Expectation
It is exactly there are no or low expectation, this movie works.

The actor is a good choice as he look more like a water person and also very manly. Some think he is too rough but I find that he is organic as a water person. I could not imagine to have a clean looking guy to be living under the sea.

No down time
If you ask me is there any part of the movie that look too long and can do away with it to fit 2 hours, I cannot think of any on my first view. In fact through out the movie, I did not look at my watch and thinking how this is going to end.

On the final battle especially that I would expect it will be epic army crashing each other. One would think it should be long but the pacing was just right. Around 5 minutes Aqua man appear to stop the battle. Even the kissing was just nice for the timing.

No forces topic / agenda
Now there are plenty of situation in the movie that environmentalist can insert agenda into the movie as this is regard to the sea. There are some but it was put in the right amount. How the surface people hunt the food, pollute the ocean and get the resources. It was brought up at the right time and right amount.

There were no gender topic conflict and also culture appropriation too. Even the promotion of the movie the cast was level headed. So everyone can enjoy the movie.

So far what I say is good point but here are not so good points

Characters works but chemistry not so much
Regardless the story pacing, the characters or actor chemistry really not so much. Mara and Aquaman was alright. But for Aquaman and the mother, it could be better. Somehow the character of Aquaman mother is similar to Hiccup's mother. Maybe because they wear kinda same uniform in some part.

The dialogue in some part are rather touching when both of the brothers speak their mind before the face off tho. But if the movie is about family, then I find it close to reaching the mark but somehow it never do reach that level.

Good as a stand alone story
This movie is entertaining as it own. Like all superheroes movie, there were hint for a sequel as the closing credit but I certainly cannot buy in the motivation and purpose to have a sequel. This movie is good for stand alone as he became the King or Sea master. You need to have a strong villain to go up against it and an interesting one. Sorry black manta cannot fit in the bill for that to me and they do not seems to have a good reason to have another movie.

Overall this movie is good watch and worth your ticket money!!


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