Turning a Decade at Open the Toy

It is the month of November and we are in the month that "Open the Toy" is turning a Decade. Yes it's coming to 10 years since I started to blog about Toys.

Out of this toy blogging, the most valuable reward is to get to know people.

People from all walk of life and all parts of the world. Some exchange of words while other exchange of toys. Some move on with life as time goes by, some lost touch and for consolation met some new ones that I personally have the pleasure to know.

For this month, I invite you, old friends and new to join our celebration of #10yearofOpentheToy on social media.

No matter you are toy collector, toy photographer,  LEGO or Modelkit builder or artists in your field, post your work in celebration for the love of toys!

All you  need to do is to post your entry on open the toy facebook page and put the hashtag #10yearofOpentheToy .

I will compile the entries in a final post end of the month!

So let's the celebration start and join us in the Fun celebration!


Happy 10th Anniversary! A decade of doing what you are passionate with!

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