Transformers x G-Shock Master Optimus Prime DW-6900TF-SET Coming!

In the light of Casio 35th Anniversary, under the G-Shock series is rolling out Transformers Optimus Prime!

The watch is from Casio but the toys is done by TakaraTomy.

As a robot mode, Optimus Prime is a figure that can be played with. The watch can be inserted in his chest. Optimus Prime will also get double gun for this toy.

You have the option to put the watch in or remove it out.

As a transformed mode, it will not be a vehicle but a Pedestal for the watch to be place on.

The model number for this set is DW-6900TF-SET

This will be releasing in December 2018 at listed price of 29,000 Yen.

So you get this as a Christmas gift!!

Update: If you reside in Singapore, there will be on sale at retailed at all G-FACTORY outlets come December 2018


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