Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us Review

I went for this movie with the request of my child since it is the beginning of the school holiday.
I didn't have much expectation as I thought this is just like other previous Pokémon movie where there is a legendary Pokémon and someone did somethings to sabotage a situation...and it was exactly like that! But there's something more. Hehehe

Well Spoiler warning ahead before I go further on the review of this movie

Colorful movie
Of most of Pokémon movie so far, I love this story as it started on just one city with lot of colorful details of Pokémon and characters.

The first character you saw was a colorful high school girl named Risa, she was an ex-athlete which on a quest to catch her first Pokémon. See how colorful she is. I wonder if high school actually allow so much color on hair and make-up for a students.

Second of all, is the Fura City where they are having a "wind festival". Lot of colors and Pokémon there too.

I like this movie because of the characters development and there are many touching moments.

One was a great liar, one lack of bravery, one was so hurt by pain of losing a Pokémon and one lost confident in what she is best at.

However all fought their own demons when there was a crisis and putting everything aside for a common cause.

One thing I would say is that Ash as usual will be one of the guy that convince a Pokemon that human could be a Pokemon's friend with his usual sacrifice move. Since he kinda taken so much shot at this (thanks to Pikachu regularly shock him), his stamina for a Pokemon attack is not an issue to him anymore.

At the end of the movie, we seen the legendary Pokémon Lugia again but this time he did not talk but understood a human request.

There isn't much Pokémon battle and some Pokémon work with human who was not even being capture by human. Somehow this movie show a part that Pokémon can choose it owner which is not a bad thing (Social justice warrior would be happy).

That aside, this is a meaningful and uplifting story that I have not seen in some time. The main point is most would fall in love again with some of the Pokémon like Eevee and other Pokémon rather than the usual Pikachu.

When the movie ended, I look around and did see some children with parents but there was young adult couples as well! Having seen any elderly yet. Maybe they busy with catching PokémonGo. LOL

Would love to hear in comment what is your thought of this movie if you have seen it. Comment below!


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