Our 10th Anniversary. Thank you

A decade ago on this day, I did a first post of toys as Open the Toy. During that time, I have never thought how long will I go on as it was purely passion honest sharing.

Along the way, I met other blogger around the world. For those in Singapore, I meet them up. For those oversea, we started a social media group. It was fun as we sometime sent toys to each other and work on some projects. For local blogger, we meet up in local event. We have fun as reading and comment each other updates.

As time went by, challenges and commitment in life pile up. Time, prices and space became as a constraint. In this year along tho, I am going thru some life changes which I do not really expect. But Life happen. I guess I will do a series of post on my sharing on this. After all, this should be a happy post as a 10th anniversary.

I want to thank you for reading and following this site. Your support by reading and following me have encourage me on this passion to blog about toys. Hope to interact with you guys more.

Stay Happy always my readers.


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