LEGO Overwatch Series 1 Coming

Starting in January 2019, LEGO will be releasing Overwatch series. Here are the 6 of them from the series 1.

Tracer vs. Widowmaker at Price $14.99 (USD)
One of the smaller set that Tracer and Widowmaker showdown. Tracer with her vehicle which I see some stickers maybe require for this kit.

Hanzo vs. Genji at Price $19.99 (USD)
The two brothers show down like in the story.

Dorado Showdown at Price $29.99 (USD)
Includes Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree minifigures.

D.Va & Reinhardt at Price $39.99 (USD)
These are Mecha that comes with the figure and in my opinion would be one of the hottest in the series.

Bastion at Price $49.99 (USD)
This mecha Bastion is rather massive and it can be transform into recon to sentry mode with no part removal at all!

Watchpoint: Gibraltar at  Price$89.99 (USD)
This is a biggest set where the spaceship can split into two parts. Figure include Pharah, Mercy and Reaper minifigures and Winston big figure.

Some I know would just get for the minifigure. Whatever works for you fans!

If you are Overwatch fan, here are the Hasbro Nerf for Overwatch.


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