LEGO MOC Harry Potter's Hedwig the Owl

Today going to feature this custom built by DOGOD Brick Design, Harry Potter's Owl named Hedwig.

Before the built, the creator have spent hours in conceptualize the owl. A lot of thoughts has put into this as you can see the size and the proportion of the Owl. It took about 2 weeks span on and off and around 20 hours in total for this built.

One thing that impressed me for this built was this is really a 3D owl which look good in every side. See the head is not one dimension nor flat!

Like a real  Owl, the head of Hedwig can turn 180 degree! See how it look at you?

It stood in a height of 25cm with a around 500 LEGO pieces. Here is the creator / Builder with Hedwig. You can see the size.

If that is not enough, you can also change the eye to give you a wink!!

Can you feel the love of this built?

You can view and follow DOGOD Brick Design here!


eric F said…

it's wonderful. Do you have the plan to make one or do you sell it. thanks.

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