Bandai NEKOBUSOU3 Model Kit Coming

Bandai has release the coming series 3 of Cat + Mecha. This time it is more pre-historic design of Dino with the combiner concept.

Disclaimer: Not too sure about the actual named of the model kit so we just make it close to what we think it is. 

This series there are 4 type from A to D.

Set A: Rex looking Mecha
This is the tallest among all and the grey stripes cat just seat comfortably in it.

Set B: Mammoth Mecha
White cat with a heavy armor on him. All the weight of armor is on him. Poor chap.

Set C: Shorter Rex Mecha
I have to say this design look really weird as the cat suppose he pilot head is at the back. But the cat doesn't look like it cares. Maybe auto pilot?

Set D: Triceratops Looking Mecha
Firstly I like this cat as it look like Prince Michael the Cat and it look really cool to be on the mecha.

This series is releasing in March 2019.

Cat lover look out for it ya?


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