Bandai have just release news on working on a Gunpla model with robotics and programming involved into a product. It is named as "ZEONIC TECHNICS".

"ZEONIC TECHNICS" is a STEM educational material series (not a toy) that enables you to experience and learn robotics and programming while enjoying the world view of Gundam.

This is a "Learning before playing" initiative. It come with a jointed companies project that involved with robot development, curriculum development and teaching material development. The companies are listed below.

This project kit would include making Zaku to be able to walk with 2 legs, movement of arms and legs and also tank mode control. From the video you would see this is really more on mechanical built with screws.

Currently there is no mention of release date nor the price.
I would be likely the kit and instruction would be in Japanese first.
More information you can go to the Japanese website to know more!


I think it’s a good progression 👍🏻
LEon said…
yes Dennis but it will be rather costly.

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