Today we are going to feature a grand 1:10 scale of LEGO built of the iconic ARC DE TRIOMPHE a.k.a Arc de Triumph.

This grand built was done by Playable Design which based in Shanghai China.  Just look at the details!

The doorway shot of the whole view!

This piece of art were built by professional and when I say professional, I really mean PROFESSIONAL under the LEGO® Certified Professional Program. One of them is Shannon Wei is the only female LEGO® Certified Professional.

Here are the assembling process. Look at the scale!

If you are wondering, the inner are using other color bricks.

While the outside is using white bricks.

It took a total of 10 days to complete this built! It really need a group to build this up!

Currently this built is on display at Shanghai Himalayas Museum for Napoleon exhibition.

If only I can have this piece for my home door way. Maybe not a good idea as someone may break in to steal it!


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