GameStart 2018 has Begun

Today is the first day of Singapore Biggest Game show and this is the 5th year of GameStart!

This year I have to say I enjoyed myself more when I was accompany by my kid who are into mobile game as well. He was excited to see the matches of various contest there include Smash Brothers, Street Figthers and Dragonball.

We also queue up to try on the LEGO DC Super Villains who is to release in a few days which was worth the queuing.

Disney are there too with their Marvel Battle Lines!

In this event exclusive, we got hands on the Disney Epic Quest which only would release next year on both mobile platform. A fun game which you choose 3 heroes and clear stages. Rather Challenging too!

There are also Big games developers there on Stage demoing their game like Bandai Namco on Soul Caliber VI.
Many indie games developers are there having hands on session for players to play their demo and some of them are in our region did a great job in gameplay and character design.

There are board games and card games. One that card game which was very popular was The Singapore Dream. You want to know why?

Look at the cards and you will know why Singaporeans. :)

Also there are guest from Games like Voice actress of Mei in Overwatch Elise Zhang.

There are lot of gaming related artist which gaming fans can buy some posters, keychain and even soft toys.

I have to say my kid and I have a good time spending like 4 hours or more in the GameStart  event.  If it was not me to ask him to make a move, he would be there for hours more, LOL

The event is still on till tomorrow and it is a good event to go and enjoy yourself.

GameStart 2018
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401 – 403 Singapore
Event Dates: 13 & 14 October 2018
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
VIP Ticket Holders: 10am – 9pm

Get your ticket at the event or at 


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