Fairness on our Giveaway or Contest

If you are our readers, please read through the whole post. 

Since yesterday we announced about our GunplaExpo Giveaway we got couple of feedback that after hearing some of them, we decided to put our thoughts in this post.

What is it for me?
One of the comment we got is there was no listing the what type of prizes we are giving away regardless we did post in our post that it will be Gundam original Model kit.

We actually thought about this during our announcement but we choose to keep that away not because the prizes are not attractive (we do have MG, RG and HG kits) but we want to see what type of participation we will get. Will true Gundam fan be interested?

Why we are doing the Giveaway?
The reason we have this giveaway is for 2 reasons.

One for our readers who READ our blog (that is why what is in the prizes and the rules are in our website and NOT on our facebook. If you did not read clearly and just submit, of course in fairness to everyone joining the contest not to accept those entries. PS: That include liking and following on our facebook page too!

The second reason are for those who actually BEEN to the event and take a photo to qualify to win the prize. I mean it would make no sense if the person did not even participate in the "GunplaExpo" since this is  "GunplaExpo" Giveaway correct?

Entering a Contest or Giveaway is always a Sure win? 
In one of the feedback a friend of ours comment jokingly he did participated the previous time in our Giveaway but did not win anything. While we feel regretful about this as a friend but in all fairness the final decision due to the amount of participation we have to do lucky draw to be fair by our sponsor and not even us.

As much as many contest would want everyone to be a winner but the reality is there are limited award. For Giveaway we have limited prizes and for contest there have limited position as well. Even in contest when you put on your best, it is never guarantee you will win too.

Nonetheless sometime some people choose to cheat in life, it is not unusual to hear from parents did their kid school project to score marks by putting the kid name. This happen in Schools, clubs and other even contest. All of these for glory, money or free holidays maybe.

All you need to do is a parent who did so and the rest of the parents who feel unfair will join in to do the same. Of course the teacher will love it to see such presentation but pity is the kid who parents did not know what do and the kid did his best but look the most lousy presentation.  If that is a contest, then that hardworking kid who did it all by him or herself will be very much discouraged to see their primary school project are done by Parents who have the experience and resources.

So if you are a parent who is doing your kid homework or project, Please hands off and STOP the CHEATING!!!

Sorry for the unrelated ranting. Back to topic.

All I want to say is, our giveaway is fair and open to those who read our rules and follow it. We will ensure no cheating and as much as it is to give the prizes to as many as possible. If we have overwhelming  response, we may get more prizes!! :)

PS: The model kit prizes given would be the recent ones and not those on discount long long time ago one.

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