Break in just for LEGO?!

Few days ago I came across this youtube video from a youtuber republicattak and his video named "Bye". One would think it is a goodbye for leaving youTube but it is more than that. It was also a good bye to his own collection that was stolen!

republicattak is a MOC LEGO builder and he spent his time and money on building starwars diorama. Most of his creation are full of details and quite a big scale (not to mention it would be heavy). You can imagine he would buy bricks he needed in order to build the massive scene. His creation took his time, money and space in the comfort of his home.

What is unbelievable was one day someone broke into his car and his house. The burglar (maybe more than one) of all things stole his LEGO collection! Now it is not about Mint in box like those LEGO collector who kept their LEGO in original packaging. But open LEGO and most of it was his own creation.

You can see his video here.

It is a collector nightmare and I truly felt his pain. Having your toy collection gone is one thing but that was his own creation which he spent the time and money to customize his LEGO works is another!

Like the work below took him 18 months to build!

Many consolation were sent to him on youtube and social media and some have even fund him to restore his collection and even someone working in LEGO from france. So it ended in a good note in away.

However what that really disturbing was someone actually broke in for LEGO! For Toys!!

It is safe to assume that the break in would be likely someone who are into LEGO (who understood the value of LEGO in the nichie market) and he was targeted perhaps of his LEGO youtube channel who knew where he stay even though he did not expose his address. It could also be someone who knew him in person and thru his youtube channel knew where he stay.
For whatever reason, it is something that was thought thru.

On a personal level, one of friend reside in Europe had experience of break in as some of his toy collection was stolen as well. That would also mean someone may know the value of the toys.

Can you imagine someone broke in for toys? Well maybe those who kept their toy in original condition would likely to face a bigger risk since it can be sold for a higher value.

What your thought of this incident? Share with us in the comment.


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