Bandai Namco Acquired Bluefin

If you are a Bandai product fan in US, you would be familiar with Bluefin. It is one of the biggest distributor of Bandai product in US. However Bluefin also carry other brands like Storm collectibles, Iron Studio, SEN-TI-NEL and some STUDIO GHIBLI to North America as well.

Just a week ago, it was announced that Bandai Namco have acquired an 80% stake in Nippon Imports, LLC, (a.k.a Bluefin Corp in North America). Source from

The explanation of this move was for Bandai to have a faster and more direct reach to US market with Bluefin existing network, experience and reach.

The company will establish a new subsidiary named Bandai Namco Collectibles in October and will continue to operate under the brand name of Bluefin. It will begin operations in January 2019.

So for US fans, you guys are likely to have more Bandai product faster like Gundam model kit or even P-Bandai coming your way.

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