What is Banpresto Q posket?

Banpresto Qposket has cause a number heads to turn recently during STGCC 2018. They have been doing Disney Princess, DC female characters and the coming series of Harry Potter.

What is this Banpresto Q posket?

Firstly Banpresto Q posket are made for prizes that could be won in UFO machine / claw or crane machine in Japan. That is why on the boxes itself you will see this logo.

Q Posket normally would be having the height 14cm and it would be having 2 variant colors to choose from the same Design. One color maybe brighter than the other.

If the figure generally capture your attention, it pretty hard to decide which color variant you want. So it would be likely some would get both variant.

*Like this DCcomic Harley Quinn it is hard to decide.

Q posket SUGIRLY which the Disney Princess are all sitting down with the height of 10cm or so. It will come with 2 variant color of choice and this series in Japan was more for UFO machine game prizes.

* These Q posket SUGIRLY  would be releasing this month.

Q posket Petit series is much smaller in scale for the figure (around 7cm) and this is without variant colors.

If you feel Q posket are too cute and want a more human proportion, there is Disney Characters Crystalux series. It still have the beauty of the Disney princess but not so much SD or cute looking.

Not all Q posket series are Disney Princess tho. There are others like One Piece, Sailormoon and other anime or cartoon characters. Another thing is not all character are Female as Qposket have male version as well.

If you have more question regarding Banpresto Q posket, leave a comment!

You can get to see more of Q posket at here


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