The BumbleBee movie Transformers Toys in Singapore

The Bumblebee movie is coming in December but the toys are here in Singapore now!

First there are legend class which is the smallest one selling at $11.99 each. There are 2 version of Bumblebee, the beetle version that is from the coming movie and the Transformers 1 version.

Beside Bumblebee there are others as well. No sight of Starscream at the time I see these toys tho.

Next is the deluxe series offering bigger size and more details. Still the 2 version of Bumblebee with additional blaster cannon gimmick in the toys for vehicle mode. Deluxe range is S$29.99 each.

Optimus Prime of the G1 vehicle mode also in deluxe class.

The leader class Bumblebee is selling at S$89.99

There's also mask for Bumblebee and Sqweeks selling at S$69.99!

Looking forward for the movie!


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