GoodSmile 1/60 MODEROID RK-92 SAVAGE Coming

Good smile Company has been releasing model kit and this time they are releasing model kit from the anime series 《FULL METAL PANIC! INVISIBLE VICTORY》!

The mecha would be SAVAGE mecha in two different version. The Gray and Sand SAVAGE.

There are two different model kit by itself. SAVAGE Gray will come with Hammer...

And also included 37mm assault rifle.

Both of them are 1/60 scale which is around 130mm.

The SAVAGE SAND version will come with single molecule cutter, anti-tank dagger, 37mm assault rifle and anti-tank missile.

I have to say both color doesn't seems to need any paint as they look great with its own color!

Both are schedule to release in December 2018 at 2,300 Yen each!

Are you ready for these SAVAGE?


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