Differences between Transformers Autobots and The Decepticon

I came upon a writing of the differences of Autobots and the Decepticon and I really find there was some truth in it. I am sharing this just like the 80s cartoon to have some lesson to be learned by the series.

We were told that Autobots are the good guys and they are there to protect and aspire you to be a hero. However if you look at the subject carefully, you would see the following.

Warning: This may change your childhood memories of Transformers but not in the way Michael Bay did. :)

What is the difference between Team Autobots and Team Decepticons? 

Team Autobots
  • No concrete plan for growth nor expansion
  • Only objective in life is to Stop the Decepticon
  • Only value is to prevent someone dream to come true
  • Passive and only take action when incident happened
  • Often lack of manpower and work alone if they have to
  • Looked worried or Upset most of the time

Team Decepticon
  • Have great dreams and ambitions
  • Open to new ideas for growth and flexible in their approach
  • Willing to take risk and pay the price for success
  • Demonstrate the “Never Quit” attitude even though failed numerous times
  • Highly motivated and good teamwork in great numbers
  • Always seen smiling and ever hopeful their plan will work

So what do you think? Did that spin a new light on both team?
Pretty sure you are doubting which team you want to be now.

Put in your comment if you have something to add!


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