SDCC 2018 Exclusive STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES Han Solo & Mynock

This year SDCC 2018 which is happening in the month of July 2018, Hasbro for Starwars will be releasing this as an exclusive from the old trilogy.

Just to be clear, this is the 6" figure of the Black Series under Starwars. Here is how the packaging look like with the millennium falcon detail on the box. It also show the detail when the box cover is opened up.

The figure is Han Solo and the Mynock that fly around when Millenmium falcon landed in a so called cave but we know it was not a cave. :)

Here is a closer detail look on the Han Solo and the Mynock  from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

This box set is the event SDCC 2018 exclusive and will be selling at USD 34.99.

How you find this exclusive?



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