Visit to Japan BrickFest 2018 by John Cheng

The follow post is by John Cheng who visited and participated in LEGO event in Japan just last weekend. It's Japan BrickFest 2018!

Japan Brickfest 2018 -Kobe Fan Weekend-is Asia largest international fan built LEGO® event and an official LEGO Event since 2017. This is an exhibition of LEGO mocs with fan builders from all over the world. Organizers are expecting over 5,000 people this year.

It is great event to meet Lego creator and their mocs from Asia and Japan.
Some shots on the exhibition hall. Totally 3 halls

Here are John Cheng work on display

And John Cheng himself.

Here are some photos by John Cheng over at his facebook!

Thanks for sharing John Cheng on your visit!!


Building Sazabi with LEGO sure is impressive!

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