The Incredibles 2 Toys in Singapore Now

Good news as the movie of The Incredibles to be in Singapore, the toys by Jakks pacific has already arrived in Singapore retail!

Here are some of the toys and stuff of this franchise are offering.

Let's start from the small to big.

First a big 18 inches Mr Incredible with basic articulations.

For the dolls, there are the 3 girls that look quite good for 12 inches doll.

Not forgetting Mr Incredible in 12 inches with baby Jack jack!

There are smaller scale toys like these...

And the taller ones like these too!

There are also action figures like this 5" Mr Incredible that can break the chain!

For Jack jack's fan, there is a 1:1 scale of him!

For cosplay and such, there are also costume for kids...

and some device gimmick

You can check out the retails for more products now for the Incredibles 2.


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