TakaraTomy PANDA's ANA Series Mar Continent Review

We have talk about these Singapore Merlion inspired capsule toys by TakaraTomy sometime back. Finally we got our hands on review and so here is our hands on review.

The first look I really like is the detail of each animal head even thought it is a small capsule toys.

The first one is the Elephant. Just look at the likeness!

With the size of the head, the toy can balance well by itself which is impressive!

With the Apples fitting in, it came alive!!

Next the Rabbit! This is the smallest among all but the details was not compromise. The rabbit head look so cute with it's nose!

Putting the carrot vomiting does not affect the cuteness!

Next is the Crested penguin. 

Among all of this series, having a Penguin to vomit fish is totally normal as that how they feed their young.

Next is the Monkey showing it teeth.

Vomitting the Bananas with skin... who ate bananas like this? Even a Monkey eat bananas with skin peeled.

Finally the Panda which is the second largest of the series.

What Panda vomit is the bamboo shoots.

Putting them together, you can see the size difference.

Indeed it is an interesting series and I am glad to do a hands-on review on these. I have to thank a friend who willing to allow me to did a review as these belong to him as he gotten it in Japan.

Well who knows these could be in Singapore. Maybe not so fast but you never know. Keep a look out ya?


chrismandesign said…
That’s a very nice and yet weird looking set of figures, pretty surrealistic and I love it !!!... It’s a great work of design, mixing a fishy lower part and a very different animal on top, amazing how they could add such level of detail in textures at this gashapon size and the contrast between the white figure and the colorful vomit (did I say that, LOLOLOL ???!!!) is lovely !!!... =OOOOO

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