McDonalds Happy Meal Transformers G1 Optimus Prime

It has been sometime I have not have a Happy Meal at Mcdonalds and now it kinda give me a reason to have one because I saw the G1 Optimus Prime!!

Like all Happy Meal toys from McDonalds, there will be instruction of a gimmick (which usually appeal to the kid for those action figures) on the packaging. Here is what it says...

Basically the figure has a blade that can be hidden and spring into action with the back of the button.

To set that in place you need to move the arm up and then the blade can lock in place....

The button is hidden at the back which you can see it is in blue among the red.

They even put a good looking Autobots logo on his arm which I appreciate the detail

As a old school Transformers fan, I just love the G1 design of Optimus. So to see this as a mcdonalds toys make me want to get it for fun.

This is currently on sale while stock last at mcdonalds Singapore.

Happy Hunting if you are G1 Transformers fan too.


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