LEGO MOC Bone Wing Dragon by Herbert Lee

Today have an honor to feature a LEGO MOC by Herbert Lee called “Bone Wing” Dragon.

This piece Bone Wing was inspired by his MMORPG experience like Everquest and this Bone Wing Dragon is his own creation.

The naming of Bone Wing seems obvious as the Wing of the dragon are just bone. Obviously this is a dark or undead dragon maybe.

Close up on the head and you see his eyes are glowing green.

To complete the look, a fire base was made for display.  This piece will be on display in Japan Brickfest 2018 this week by the way.

Herbert even made a Knight to complete the dragon look.

All Photos credit to 阿Hei as photographer.

More higher resolution and complete work at Herbert Lee Flickr account

You can also see Hebert previous work of Jesus brickheadz too


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