Thundercats Roar

So for all who have not read about the news that release last week, there will another cartoon series of Thundercats  and it will be named as "ThunderCats Roar".

When the trailer was announced, many of the old fans were not happy as the new Thundercats take on kiddy / cute form with comedy.

Personally I find the new drawing style is very much like "Steven Universe" style as most of the cartoon now were drawn in this way. I do wonder however, when the kids of this age grow up, will they still love these series?

I don't want to sound like a old man but here are some compilation of Thundercats of the 80s, 2011 and the coming Thundercats. Take a good look at the style of the characters.

In time like this, fans really need the eye of Thundera to have sight beyond sight to see how this Thundercats franchise would be in years to come.

Sadly such decision made by the TV studio who want to make appeal to the newer generation as the 2011 did not response well to the audience. Then to be fair, most children and teens would have much more other series offer on video on demand.

Just like many DC fans sound out they did not like Teen Titans Go style but yet they are having a movie in a few month time. I guess they do have some following.

PS: Teen Titan Go producer are in ThunderCats Roar as well.

Sadly I have seen way too many 80s cartoon reboot and some for a few times with different style! Sooner or later, it will wear off the franchise of it novelty. End of the day, old fans have not much say as the one paying are the studio. Whatever it is, just have to take a step back and see how the kids response to this new series then.

Till then Thundercats....HO!!!!


chrismandesign said…
I saw many of the corrosive comments about this new rendition of Thundercats and you know what, pal, I don’t care if I sound old or whatever, but I saw the original series and I have to agree: Thundercats Roar not only it doesn’t make any justice to the franchise, it’s in fact a blatant and infamous mockery... Even the 2011 remake is a good take and maybe it wasn’t well received, but the latter ???... No way...
LEon said…
@Chris I can fully understand where you are coming from. In fact most of the older fans have the same point of view as you. It is a business decision and lesser risk as the 2011 did not get good rating, they just want to start something new and hope to get some new likes. I mean they have nothing to lose. If it failed, it would be the last. That how our generation of childhood characters are now sadly.

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