TakaraTomy Metacolle Starwars Carbonite Han Solo

Starwars Solo movie released this week and it is good time to do review on this TakaraTomy Metacolle Starwars Carbonite Han Solo.

First I have to say this could be the best Carbonite Han Solo thus far. Why? Because this is really metal and it has the weight!

The toy comes with the Carbonite Han Solo and a 2 pieces stand which you can assemble very easily.

At the back of the Carbonite you can see there are 2 holes for the stand to fit in either vertically or horizontally.

A close up on the Carbonite Han Solo while you are putting him on a stand with his own

At the side you can see the detail of the Operation Control Panel that you can control the carbonite condition.

Placing it horizontally was easy as the stand balance the weight of this diecast piece well.

All that is missing is to put some figure beside this to make it as a delivery mode. :P

The detail on the side give a good prospective of the carbonite Han Solo like never before. Hehehe

I have to say this is one of the best Carbonite Han Solo for collectors as it is metal and it comes with stand that is good looking for display.

Whether the new SOLO movie is good or bad, we all can agree the original trilogy have everything that make Starwars we loved. So let's just freeze that in time and let's see if the Solo movie have something iconic that fan will remember it for.


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