TAKARA TOMY TOMICA ComfortDelGro Singapore Taxi (Blue & Yellow)

The talk of the town this week is regarding the Tomica released of Singapore ComfortDelGro Taxi.

Both of the cars model are Toyota PRIUS and here are the packaging. You cannot missed it.

The company logo are printed on the box as well. There are actually 2 companies tho. ComfortDelGro and Citycab

First let us look at the CityCab version in Yellow out of the box.

Front view clearly show the Taxi sign which show it is available which you can flag them down on the road.  The headlight was just paint with silver and there are no license plate.

On the side view, you can see the decals which is the same of the real Taxi. However the lining under yellow give it away as a toy car.

At the back show the Toyota logo and model. There is also a space for license plate.

The back booth can be open. This is the only feature that allow Open and close.

Next is the Blue ComfortDelGro Taxi. This color matches the actual Taxi on the road.

The best side is the side view which look really amazing.

At the back there is a Toyota logo and model name. What missing is the license plate. For those who are serious can try making your own license plate on stickers but you may need a high DPI printer to do that.

The only opening gimmick is the back booth that can be open and close.

At the bottom of both cars, it will be imprinted with Tomica, model of the car and Made in Vietnam.

Both of these cars are great for collectors who take Taxi or cab in Singapore often. There are always good and not so good experience with them like all service sector. Just need more of them on the road at all timing and hopefully the fare rate won't increase anymore.


I decided to take the Blue Taxi out for a outdoor shoot and without any digital editing (just cropping of picture) and here are some of the photo.

Here is one on the road in the CBD area... Yes have to pay ERP.

The Taxi seems like awaiting customer between 3pm to 5pm.... if it is on Call, it will indicate the ON-Call but I wonder who is he waiting for...

Another one waiting but there don't seems to be having double yellow line, so I think is okay right?

Ya smart move to open the booth like loading and unloading while waiting. :)

PS: No traffic rules are broken and road safety are observed while taking these outdoor photos. Also No taxi driver are harm in taking these photos. 


chrismandesign said…
I didn’t know singaporean taxis were painted in blue, instead of the usual yellow, but every country has its own preferences and/or regulations regarding the colors of public transportation... I don’t know either if the taxi fare in Singapore is expensive compared with other countries, but I guess it’s less expensive than let’s say in New York, where the fares are kind of prohibitive... By the way, in my country, Colombia, these fares happen to be reasonable with few exceptions... =D

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