LEGO MOC Mosquito

Mosquito goes by any name but the most famous over at this region and the famous are the Aedes aegypti which comes with black and white stripes. Benjamin Cheh did a LEGO version out of his creativity on this Mosquito.

Here is a close up of the detail of this LEGO Mosquito which is much bigger than a normal Mosquito.

Here is the Mosquito in action sucking the blood of it's victim.

The full body scale is accurate along with the black and white strips of it's body...

The lower body is for food and storage. That is where the infested blood are stalled. If you ever hit a full fed Mosquito, you will see blood.

I am impressed with the details. However I cannot say I like Mosquito. I just feel like smacking it before it bite anyone.

See more of of Benjamin built over at his flickr for higher resolution!


Unknown said…
nice mosquito

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