Custom 2 Feet Hasbro Millennium Falcon by Leon Ku

Han Solo the movie release today in Singapore and we are here to feature another custom paint on the Millennium Falcon by Leon Ku!

To start off, this Millennium Falcon is a 2014 Walmart exclusive that is over 2 feet long! Original price for this toy is 59.90 USD.

Out of box, this is how it look like. A scale compare with a pen in the picture below.

He used Vallejo Can spray Primer grey and followed by airbrushed with E7 white.

Handpainted Vallejo Sandy yellow,medium grey and Red on some panels.

Here is the final result and it look awesome!!

The size and the detail in outdoor simply amazing!

Who would imagine using Hasbro toys with proper coloring would be so amazing!!

Thank you Leon ku for showing us the possibility!


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