TakaraTomy Metacolle Marvel Avengers Infinity War The Black Panther

Wakanda Forever. It is time to review the next in line for Avengers Infinity War series under TakaraTomy Metacolle, The Black Panther

Black Panther is kind of a hidden gem until the movie came out and and so is this figure.

You can only appericate it when you see the actual figure. The actual diecast part are rather heavy too.

To many will think if it is Black panther, it would only need silver and black. However as you look closely to this figure, you can see the dull silver paint doing the highlight of the body.

Even on it's side, you can see the contour of his features.

At the back, you can see the details as well all painted.

The figure have no accessories but with his both hands in claw position.

Time to get him to meet with Ironman and IronSpider

Yes war is costly. Are you ready for The Infinity War?


Alphonse said…
No lah. Wakanda actually sponsored Tony vibranium to make his new IRON MAN armour. Of course, he give way and let Black Panther lead. Lol.

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