TakaraTomy Metacolle Marvel Avengers Infinity War Ironman Mark 50

Since I did a review on the same TakaraTomy Metacolle IronSpider, it is only proper to follow up on Ironman.

There are many suit of Ironman in the long run of the movie and since this is the infinity war, this could be the Last Ironman suit the Mark 50.

The thing about this series is althought it is small in size, it has diecast part and reasonable coloring.

The figure have no issue in balance and the coloring of the glossy surface of the suit stood out well.

I cannot really put my finger on this Mark 50 suit as it is thin in size making that Ironman wearing a thin armor.

Originally in comic, Mark 50 suit is based on symbiote but in this movie version, it seems to be something else. Something advance like vibranium.

In certain way, this mark 50 suit could have good weapons but as this toy, there are no sign about that for this toy.

Time to put IronSpider and Ironman together. Somehow Iron Spider seems to be taller as a toy.

Burn Peter. Burned! LOL

Will we see the last of Ironman?


chrismandesign said…
I think for the price point and specific features of these figures, they are a good option, pretty much like the old toy soldiers that sometimes were made of plastic, but there were also available in diecast alloy and they were not articulated at all, but these ones have a very basic articulation, which is a plus !!!... =D

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