TakaraTomy Metacolle Marvel Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider

We are closing in to The Avengers Infinity War premiere and one of the character many are interested is the new Iron Spider. Here is one of a good looking Iron Spider from Takara Tomy.

For toys, there are only a few toy maker making Iron Spider including Hasbro, Bandai S.H.Figuarts and now TakaraTomy version.

As the figure has diecast part (more on the legs and some on body), it did give a Iron surface look like in the movie.

On closed up at the side, you get to see more detail of Iron Spider. The color Blue and Gold are painted on top of the base red.

At the back most of the detail are there but sadly there is an exposed screw on the back where the Spider logo is.  They could put a blue rubber to cover but they did not.

At the sole of his feet, there is China and Marvel logo on each of the feet.

The articulated part are the head (side to side), both arms shoulder joint of up and down and waist that turn side to side.

Only pose I can do is the web swinging. Hehehe

This is a good display figure with nice detail of Iron Spider suit. It look so good that my kid ask to play with it. Hehehe

Wait seems like Spidy sense something is coming...

More to continue later. :D


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