Super7 5.5" Retro Masters of the Universe Vintage 2-Pack Limited Edition

Super7 had just release news that they are making 2 pack for 5.5" of Masters of the Universe Vintage2-Pack Limited Edition!

These are the 5.5" figures much like the vintage He-man from Mattel back in the 1980s. Finally they make it to the exact original scale!

This Masters of the Universe Vintage - He-Man and Skeletor 2-Pack is selling at USD$45.00.
Just look at packaging of the retro feel the Super7 have done!

The accessories are similar to the vintage ones with some modification.
He-Man 5.5" Action Figure with Power Sword, Half-Sword and Shield
Skeletor 5.5" Action Figure with Havoc Staff, Power Sword and Half-Sword

Next is She-Ra and Hordak 2-Pack! Also selling at USD$45.00

She-Ra 5.5" Action Figure with Sword of Protection, Shield and Sword
Hordak 5.5" Action Figure with Arm Cannon and Crossbow

They are currently out for Pre-order at Super7 website


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