LEGO MOC TRON Warfighter Mech

Just recently LEGO has release LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy - 21314 and Chan hei Mok a custom builder went a step to create the mecha version and it look spectacular.

Using black bricks and keeping the theme of Neon blue for one another Neon orange, the mecha very much Nexo Knight inspired.

These mecha are more like mobile suit exposing the head of the pilot. For weapon, both have their Tron disc.

Overall the design is sleek and full of mobility.

Both mecha can do flexible pose in action.

Personally love this creation by Chan hei Mok. Here is the link to the full and high resolution of his TRON Warfighter Mech.

Do you like this TRON mecha or you prefer the motobike?


Looks very Mospeada Cyclone bike too!

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