Frame Music Girl 初音未來 Miku Hatsune Coming

Miku Hatsune will be having her first full body model kit under Kotobukiya Frame Arms girl series. It will be named as Frame Music Girls. This could spell other female vocaloid coming on this series if it do well.

As a model kit, Miku will be having 3 facial expression to be used. A fully painted "singing face", "normal looking left direction", "normal looking right direction".

It will also come with Hatsune Miku Ver.4 Motif without sleeve arm parts including 5 different type of hands.

Accessories will be Microphone, microphone stand, speaker drones and exclusive clear base.

One thing good is most of the part are pre-painted. For the eye, there are decal for you to apply anyway you want.

The skirt allow movement flexibility like sitting.

The parts can be exchange with other Frame Arms girls in the same series and you can also use the existing M. S. G series parts too!

Miku will be releasing in November 2018 at listed price of 5,800 YEN

This is going to be interesting!


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