Figma Alien Takayuki Takeya verison Coming

There are many Aliens toys in the west and this time Good Smile Company decided to do a full articulated Alien under their Figma series.

This version is designed by sculptor Takayuki Takeya who supervised in sculpting and painting of it.

The figure not only look good with details but also full pose-able.

It can go on to it's knee without much issue.

The lower jaw can be opened allowing the iconic inner mouth of the Alien to be extended outward just like the movie minus the acid saliva...

How can we not include the Facehugger? It comes with the figure which have articulation on itself already. Too bad no alien eggs....

The Facehugger can hug on figma or other figures of the same scale face!

This version will be releasing in December 2018 at listed price of 8,148 Yen

Will you get this Alien?


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