Diecast Expo Singapore 2018

It started today and I head down to the Diecast Expo Singapore to take a look.

The event is at National Design Centre and the admission is FREE so why not?

Now this event is more for toy cars lover but even if you are not, you will be very tempted as these diecast cars are amazing. In the event there are many custom cars on sale.

Some of it was for charity auctions.

Some seems to be out from certain series...

There are also backdrop on sales

Like this carpark that you can construct and park your toy cars in it for display or photography...

With the right vehicle and backdrop, these cars can come to live!

In the event there are many sport cars with various decal design.

Some of these cars design are actual cars and that give us stories and history of the car...

Yes there is a Puma car in real life....

In the event there are exclusive for this event and it look amazing!

Even design brand like Aape also have toy car series!!

Here is a quick video at the event

If you want to try customization yourself, there are kits for you do that by D Model from Taiwan,

You can view the D model tutorial here

At the event I saw something that was familiar to most Singaporean in 1980s. Buses that was custom made by Masterpiece Collectibles!

The detail was simply amazing! Look at the seats!!

There are others toy cars on sale too! Too much to show but this one caught my eye. I thought it was custom made but they told me it is an actual product by Hotwheels. Smart!

Well the event is still on tomorrow at the same location. Pop by if you have the time!


Thanx for filling me in! It’s a strong and popular collection always!

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