Bandai Pacific Rim HG Obsidian Fury Review

Finally got the time to do a review of Bandai latest license series of the Pacific Rim model kits, HG Obsidian Fury!

I decided to document down the process and taking my time to enjoy building this. I did a live stream on Facebook before I begin.

It does not really take long time to build for this kit as this is what I got into 30 minutes of building.

The decal is small is the most challenging part of doing this model kit. Most are on his upper chest.

And another live steam toward the end of completing the built.

When it is all done, there are some parts left on this runner so don't be alarmed.

Here are the accessories of this Model kit with 2 set of hands and 2 pairs of Plasma saw sword (one normal pair another glowing pair).

Close up
The default detail is amazing as you can see the structures of the head and chest. Decals comes with it is rather small to apply. I did not apply all of it when this photo was taken.

In the movie, you will see his spin rattling like communication and the detail was there on this model kit.

Weapon On!

Time to gear Obsidian up! First the pair of normal saw sword.

Next is with the Plasma version of glowing sword. Not too bad actually to change the sword.

Pose and Articulation

I will test the legs as the joint seems more interesting. Try to bend...

I can make it into this close for legs to bend.

This is how it can pose to sitting position.

Next size Comparison.

Here is the comparison with NECA version of the Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger 2.0

And here is the size comparison with Bandai HG Unicorn Gundam Version 1.

Can you see the height difference?

Overall this is a fun kit to build and with minimum decal apply, it look pretty decent. As I stated in the video review above, if you are into model kit building, this would be a fun kit as you will see how they apply on the parts and joint that make it more flexible joints.

Even for the beginning with not much model kit skill, this is already easy if you follow every steps.

If you ask me for a grading, this would be up to 8 / 10 for around 4 hours of building (taking my own sweet time).


chrismandesign said…
A model kit is much better option than the NECA action figures based in this franchise and that’s a great for those who want something more accurate to the movies and better articulation... of course, they need more work and well dry or water decals don’t look good on unpainted kits, as I have experienced with mines, but it’s a matter of practice and one of these kits painted must be an eye candy, plus the size allows you to have the entire collection of Pacific Rim mechas without taking too much room for exhibition !!!... =D
LEon said…
Yes Chris you are right. The scale make it good display for space constrain people like us. LOL

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