TakaraTomy PANDA’S ANA Series Shakurel Kirby

If you are a Kibry fan, this is one series you like it or not so like it. This is a funny take on Kirby universe under TakaraTomy PANDA’S ANA Series.

I happened to come across this at a local capsule machine and wanted to try my luck to get 2 of it. With the rate of 3 Kirby out of the series of 6 figures. And so I did. The first one I got is Meta knight! One of the coolest character in Kirby universe as he dress in full armor and in the game it has wings to fly.

However this version, it is just him with helmet and armor but without weapons of any kind.

The signature look of Shakurel series is giving the character an outward chin and Meta Knight mask was given that look on the side way.

It comes with cape as he is in the series but there is no sight of the wings.

The bottom of the figure is just his purple metal looking boots.

On the top, you can see his helmet and the high collar of his cape.

My another try I got the Pop star Kirby! Not too shabby.

As the signature look of Shakurel look, it has the big outward chin that make it less round or fat. hehehe

I cannot say this is still cute as it original form tho....

At the bottom of the star was the trademark of the figure that state that it was made in China.

So two take was what I did and get these 2 figures I wanted. Both quality and color are good! Actually the rest are not that bad too!

How do you find this version of Kirby? Good?


chrismandesign said…
I never played Kirby in Nintendo platform and hardly played Super Mario (the few times I tried such game, my moves were kind of clumsy so it was a rather frustrating experience), I guess it puts me in a sort of wall of shame LOLOLOL... But in shooter, strategy or videogames related with killing zombies, I feel like fish in the water !!!... I was searching for the original Kirby character and it looks cuter than this version made by Panda no Ana, yet, I think it’s a very interesting rendition, just like if Kirby were more mature and manly or something like that... =D
LEon said…
@Chris Compare to Mario, Kirby is a more easy game and fun as you can attack the enemy straight on by sucking in enemy power. They used to be cartoon in US for kirby which can be view on youtube but its a kiddy show. I only get into kirby because my son love it. :D He found this version of Kirby Funny tho. LOL

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