TakaraTomy PANDA’S ANA Series Mar Continent

Singapore iconic Merlion has been one that fascinated many Japanese and there is a series of capsule toys by TakaraTomy under Panda's ANA series will be using the similar theme named マー大陸 which translated to be "Mar Continent".

This series come with 5 animal with a form of Merlion but replaced to be other animal head instead.

They also do the signature "Vomiting" from the mouth like Merlion but in this case it was their own food.

Do note the Japanese pronounce the MER wording as MAR as it sound in Japanese.

First you have the Mar-Elephant which vomit apples from it mouth.

Next is Mar-Monkey which vomit Bananas

A Mar-Penguin which is the head of the Crested penguin vomiting fish like it is feeding it's young

Mar-Panda is a head of a Panda vomiting some green shoots.

Mar-Rabbit is a head of a Rabbit that vomit baby carrot.

This series is set to release March 2018 with each turn of capsule for 200 Yen.

Will you want to get one?


chrismandesign said…
Very weird and hence interesting set, which also remind me of the creatures sculpted in many fountains you can find in old european cities, COOL !!!... =D
Some kind of designer toy concept. The Japanese seems to like Merlion a lot. They associate Merlion with Singapore a lot more than we do. Lolz

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