S.H.Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Mark 50 Coming

For Avengers: Infinity War how can we forget about Iron man right? So here is Iron Man with his Mark 50 suit. What happen to other numbers, no one knows but this could be his last suit.

This suit is more round and human looking no longer having Metal look. Is either the metal is very thin or Tony is really skinny to make the suit so fitting. Well...

The figure if there is spoilers would be it comes with various accessories which we never really seen before and blasting effects.

With the effect, you can fit on his arms and legs to do the flight poses.

Tony now seems to upgrade and upscale his weapons for his blasters. These for Ironman fan would look familiar as you may have seens the same in Hasbro Ironman 1 movie toys of what I reviewed. Now it seems to be really in the movie.

If that wasn't enough, make it bigger with a cannon with charging effect. Guess this is the powerful blasters he have beside Hulkbuster.

This Mark 50 will be release in June 2018 at the price of 7,344 Yen.
Who do you find this new suit? It is same or different?


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