S.H.Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War Black Widow Coming

If you are a fan of Black Widow which is Scarlett Johansson then this is the Black Widow you need to get!

This version of Black widow make Black widow signature red hair gone by on a blond Scarlett Johansson look. (at least not Ghost in the Shell look).

The success of this figure is that you have 3 facial expression that you have seen in many of her roles.

Anyway the figure like S.H.Figuarts series is the articulations. For accessories, this figure will come with 3 type of weapons.

She also come with a complete full length staff.

All in all, she is a good looking Black widow that is accurate in Avengers: Infinity War . If only they give a few hairstyle in Ironman and previous series you basically can complete the look of Scarlett Johansson :D

This figure will be releasing in July 2018 at 6,480 Yen
Will you get this figure?

PS: Above are just the prototype photo and actual product may vary.


She looks pretty delicious - I would love to get her if my budget permits!!!

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