Dragonball Super Movie Coming

Dragonball Super Anime version had just concluded the season this week and it is open end for more story to continue. The ending of Dragonball Super was well received with some surprises. Official news of Dragonball Super movie is coming our way on 14th December 2018 on the big screen!

The story will be picking up after the ending of Dragonball Super event. According to the original creator AKIRA TORIYAMA at the official website, the plot will be shedding a little light on previously unexplored topics such as Frieza and the Saiyans. The story was written by AKIRA TORIYAMA himself.

You can follow up news of the series at http://www.dbmovie-20th.com/

More of that later.


Hmm interesting DBZ going strong!!!
LEon said…
Yes Dennis. Dragonball have been a pop culture anime worldwide and it is still have great following. So far the story still acceptable to fans. Just don't change it too much like the new star wars and it will still go long way.

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